Why Doesn't the Renewal Link Show Up on the Portal?

ISSUE: Renewal link does not show up on the portal for a pending dues item.

Resolution: The renewal link will not display or work correctly when the Member Type of the Membership does not correspond to the Member Type of the Dues Schedule for the Dues Option of the pending Dues Item for the Membership or the Membership Status does not fulfill the Query for the Dues Schedule.

1. Go to the affected contact record


2. Open the membership record for the dues item that is not showing on the portal

3. Verify the Member Type associated with this membership record


4. Open the Dues Item associated with the membership record. 

5. Click on the Dues Option on the Dues Item

6. Click on the Dues Schedule on the Dues Option

7. Verify the Member Type on the Dues Schedule does not match the Member Type on the Membership Record


Resolving the Issue:

  1. Delete the existing dues item and dues order and create a new dues item for a Dues Option with a matching member type. Then put in all the info on the new Dues Item except the "Date Paid" and the system will generate a new Order for the correct amount (based on the products set up in that Dues Option). This is the most comprehensive solution.
  2. Change the member type on the person's membership record to match what they are getting billed for. This might not be appropriate in all cases since a person really could have changed member types.
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