Attaching the Perfect Screenshot to Your Zendesk Post

The screenshot should include, if possible, the following items:

  1. The contact’s name and NRDS ID
  2. The process you were in when the error or warning message was thrown
  3. The Error or Warning Message
  4. The Date and Time of the Error

Once you have all of the components of your screenshot together on your screen, simply hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard. This copies all of the data on your screen to your clipboard. If you are using Chrome for Zendesk, then you can simply hit CTRL-V to paste the screenshot into your post in Zendesk. For other browsers, simply paste the image into an image editing program, such as Microsoft Paint. Crop the image as necessary, but remember to keep the four things outlined above! Save the image and then attach it to the post in Zendesk.



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