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  • We paid our $600 support fee last September, so our renewal would be this September.  What is going to be the renewal option at that time and how would the $600 credit then help defray costs?

We will not be billing anyone for the annual Cobalt Sitefinity support when their renewal comes up. We will continue to encourage customers to contact Sitefinity directly for support, but will help as best we can during the transition.

  • Our Sitefinity subscription entitles us to upgrades, but we are not on the most current version.  Previously, we were told that we could not upgrade to the most current version at the time due to compatibility with RAMCO.  Will RAMCO maintain compatibility with Sitefinity through current versions?

As we transition the Cobalt and RAMCO portals to a more open single sign-on platform, we will be releasing a more generic SAML based SSO option so that the RAMCO portal will be compatible with newer versions of Sitefinity as well as other CMS platforms (WordPress, Drupal, etc.). We are hopeful that this will be available this summer.

  • We have gone through many issues getting the SSO to work between RAMCO, Sitefinity, and Clareity.  Will this be maintained in this transition?

Yes. The existing SSO will work when you migrate your site to another provider. As mentioned above, we will be working on a more open SSO platform to make these integrations even easier in the future, but we will work with you to ensure that the RAMCO-Sitefinity-Clareity SSO is working when you migrate.

  • We paid annually for Cobalt Support for RAMCO Sitefinity option and then received invoices when we attempted to get support. We chose Sitefinity because of the connection with RAMCO. If we continue with Sitefinity under these options, what level of support can we expect integrating portal widgets, insuring SSO, etc, in the future?

Cobalt will provide support through RAMCO for the RAMCO portal widgets and SSO endpoints. We will continue to improve the widgets and SSO capabilities of the RAMCO portal going forward so that it’s adding value to your web site.

For Sitefinity support though, unless you're arranging premium support with American Eagle, you would still go through Telerik. Otherwise, yes, you'd work with them on any development projects that involve Sitefinity and/or widgets for the site.

  • Will keeping with the Sitefinity platform negatively impact adoption of your developments in future portal widgets and single sign-on solutions? (will we be able to implement these as easy as RAMCO subscribers using other common platforms for their websites or do you see inherent difficulties with the Sitefinity platform?) .

No. We will continue to support integration and single sign-on with Sitefinity. Since we (Cobalt and RAMCO) have 20+ customers using Sitefinity as their CMS, we will definitely make sure that our widgets and SSO work with Sitefinity for the foreseeable future.

  • Is hosting our Sitefinity site locally an option now.

Yes, that is definitely an option. We were only recommending because they are a well-respective partner.

  •  Can the connection between Sitefinity and RAMCO be maintained by your suggested host – the most significant feature for us would be the ability to “lock down” certain webpages for viewing based on Contact record characteristics in RAMCO – or would that be an example of widgets you will be developing to work on all platforms?

 Yes. All current and future functionality including the CMS user roles will function regardless of where the web site is hosted, so profile-based permissions will definitely work. 

  • Is American Eagle's a preferred vendor, and will their team have access like Cobalt's team had for the development of new features that might involve integration with RAMCO data?  Features like the Legal Hotline widget that Cobalt's team developed for us would be a prime example

A slight correction here in that American Eagle is not a RAMCO "preferred partner". That's irrelevant, though, because we'll gladly work with them on any projects  involving RAMCO as the back-end that you have in the pipeline. The way we see it, every bit of new functionality makes the product even more useful, which makes it a more compelling option for associations who haven't yet made the plunge. It's really a win-win! The only bit of protocol I'd recommend is to come to us or the RAMCO community first with new project ideas because we don't want to duplicate effort, and there may be others who want to collaborate on the end product. Also, we can help you understand how the data will impact what you're trying to accomplish, and that will always be fundamental to anything you're doing with Sitefinity and RAMCO. 



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