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RAMCO Support's help desk provider, Zendesk, let us know a little while ago that the screencast feature they've been using is being turned off at the end of the month. The final date for the service (Screenr) will be June 30. 

Zendesk suggests using a free product named "Jing," among others, which a number of you are already using. amd we think that's a good idea.. 


Jing is made by TechSmith, the folks who make Snaggit, which you can think of as the pro-version of Jing. Snaggit costs $49.95, and it adds the ability to edit video and save in the other formats, but for capturing the information for a support ticket, that's more than you need, so we recommend that you download a free copy of Jing. Once you've done that, you can use it to capture video or screen shots, upload them to Jing's cloud (Screencast), and paste the link Jing gives you into the ticket. 

Click on the video to the right for an example of how easy it is to use Jing  >>> 

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