Dues Schedule (cobalt_duesschedule)


General Tab

  • Name - Name of the schedule.
  • Member Type - Member type tied to the schedule.
  • Dues Cycle - Parent dues cycle.
  • Duration Type - This can either be dated or termed. Dated indicates that the expiration is fixed (e.g. December 31st of each year). Termed indicates that the expiration date will be set X years/months/weeks/days from the current expiration date of the membership.
  • Late Fee - A lookup to an existing product or where a new product can be created.
  • Reinstatement Fee - A lookup to an existing product or where a new product can be created.

Duration Tab


  • Begin Date - The date the schedule will begin.
  • End Date - The date the schedule will end.


  • Term & Term Units - These 2 fields must be filled out if the duration type is termed. The combination of these fields determines the variable expiration date. If you want the membership to be 12 months, you would enter 12 for term and select Months for  term unit. Note that the options for term unit are Years, Months, Weeks and Days. 
When you create a new schedule, you will be prompted to update the duration set on the parent dues cycle. In most cases, you should click the OK button and the duration will be filled with the duration from the cycle.
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