Dues Product (cobalt_duesproduct)


General Tab

  • Name - Name of the dues product. This is for internal reference only. The name of the product will be what shows on the order details.
  • Product - The corresponding product from the product catalog.
  • Dues Option - Parent dues option.
  • Required - This flag determines whether the member is required to pay the line item or not. Most dues products (local, state, nation dues, special assessments, etc.) will be required. The optional products are typical used for PAC contributions, but you can use them for other products that you want to allow people to opt out of.
  • Suggested Amount - This field is only applicable to products where Required = No. This amount is what will show up on the order (overrides what it is on the product record in the product catalog). Members/staff will have the option to edit this amount or remove it when paying the member's dues order.
  • Pricing Strategy - This drop down determines if and how the dues product is prorated. If a strategy is set, the system will prorate the dues charged when a new membership application is submitted. The options are none, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily and tabular. Tabular allow you to manually create the proration schedule.
  • Billing Year - Specifies the billing year for the dues cycle. This is required for sending member financial records to NRDS (NAR).
  • PAC Cycle - If the dues product is a PAC contribution, you need to set the PAC cycle it will be tied to. This allows the system to create the contribution record. If you don't set this, a contribution record will not be created.
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