PAC Cycle (cobalt_paccycle)

The PAC Cycle entity allows you to setup date based cycles (annual, quarterly, etc.) to group and track contributions.


General Tab

  • Name - The name of the PAC Cycle.
  • PAC - The PAC that this cycle is tied to.
  • Start Date - The start date of the cycle.
  • End Date - The end date of the cycle.
  • Publish to Portal - This flag determines if the cycle is available for online contributions. 
The availability of a PAC Cycle on the portal for online contributions is determined by both the start/end dates and the publish to portal flag.

Maximum Contribution Tab

  • Individual - The maximum amount an individual can contribute for this PAC Cycle. Currently, individuals can contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year to a PAC.
  • Corporate - The maximum amount a corporation can contribute for this PAC Cycle. Currently, there is no limit to the amount that corporations can contribute to a PAC, but it is all soft money.
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