Meetings (cobalt_meeting)


General Tab

  • Name - The name of the Meeting. This is what attendees will see on their portal.
  • Begin Date - The date the meeting begins.
  • End Date - The date the meeting ends. Must be after the Begin Date.
  • Full Day - This field determines how the meeting will look on the calendar on the portal.
  • Property - The organization that is hosting the meeting.
  • Description - This field is for describing the meeting.
  • Subject - An existing Meeting Subject or a new Meeting Subject can be created
  • Organizer - The RAMCO user planning the meeting.


  • Location -  The location of the meeting.
  • Directions - This field allows a staff member to including parking instructions or other information regarding directing someone to the meeting location.

Registration - These fields determine the options a member has when registering for the meeting on their portal.

  • Begin Date - The day registration begins.
  • End Date - The day registration ends; members will no longer be able to register after this date.
  • Allow Group Registration - If Yes, one user can register multiple people. If No, each person must register individually. 
  • Publish to Portal - A radio button that distinguishes if users can register for this meeting through the portal.
  • Maximum - The maximum number of people allowed to register for the Meeting.


  • Customer Cancelation E-mail Template - Choose from the available email template or create a new email template. 
  • Cancelation Fee - A fee that is applied to the Contact when the Meeting Registration is cancelled. 
  • Customer Cancelation - Organizer E-mail TemplateChoose from the available email template or create a new email template. 

Attendance Tab


  • Attendee - The number of actual attendees registered for the meeting, not including guests, spouses or children.
  • Companion - The total number of guests, spouses and children registered for the meeting.


  • Allow Waitlist - A radio button that distinguishes if a Meeting will maintain a waitlist.
  • Current Waitlist - The current number of registrations on the waitlist.

Outside Provider

  • Outside Provider - Select yes if another provider is offering or running the meeting.
  • Link - This field is where the staff user can specify a website to the outside provider or a website to something that may be pertinent to the meeting. Clicking on the More Information button on the portal will open the website specified in this field.
  • Message - In the alert box on the portal, a message will appear saying Offered by Another Provider. After that sentence, a staff member can provide more details in the alert box, if desired.

This is what the alert box would look like on the portal, if the Outside Provider field were set to Yes and a link and message were provided:


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