Meeting Activities (cobalt_meetingactivity)



General Tab

    • Name - The name of the meeting activity. This is what attendees will see on their portal.
    • Meeting - The corresponding Meeting for this meeting activity. It should be autofilled.
    • Activity Type - Choose between Activity and Session.
      • Activity - An activity that occurs during the Meeting, but is unrelated to the Meeting topic (such as a golf outing).
      • Session - An activity that occurs during the meeting that is related to the Meeting topic (such as a lecture).
    • Begin Date - The day and time that the meeting activity starts.
    • End Date - The day and time that the meeting activity ends.
    • Require RSVP - Toggle this field to Yes to require an RSVP from the attendees
    • Location - Field to display the location of the Activity
    • Description Field to display the description of the Activity
    • Maximum Attendance - Fill in the maximum number of attendees for this activity
    • Current Registrations - This field autopopulates with the amount attendees signed up for this activity
    • Publish to Portal - Toggle this to Yes for this Activity to show on the portal or in the Meeting Registration Wizard
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