Products (product)

Products are used to store data on any good or service sold.  All Products are linked to a Price List Item that stores the cost of the Product.




General Tab

  • Name - The name of this product that will appear on customer invoices.
  • Product Type - A dropdown list that allows you to categorize your product.
  • List Price - This field refers to the advertised price for an item. This field is only used when a price list item is set as a percentage of a list.
  • Default Unit - The initial measurement of a product. In RAMCO, Default Unit should always be set to Primary Unit.
  • NRDS Payment Type - A lookup to the available NRDS payment types for Dues related products
  • ID - A unique identifier for the product. We recommend utilizing a standard naming convention. Ex: INV-01
  • Decimals - The number of places after the decimal to display (ex: if you enter 2 in the field, you will see $xx.xx. If you enter 3 in the field, you will see $
  • Unit Group - A unit group contains the lowest unit of measurement in which a product is available. It then lists all the different increments that this base unit is packaged in for sale, and indicates which one is the primary unit. In RAMCO, Unit Group should always be set to Default Unit.
  • Default Price List - If RAMCO cannot determine the price someone should pay based on information in a contact record, it will charge according to the Price List in this field. Though this field is not mandatory, you will see a yellow warning at the top of the form if you do not fill it in because it serves to catch any contacts that may be inadvertently excluded from the other price lists.
  • Payment Application Priority - 

Inventory Tab - These fields are if you planning on using the Purchase Order functionality to track inventory

Product Catalog Tab

  • CategoryA dropdown list that allows you to categorize your product within the product catalog.
  • Publish to Online Store - Specifies whether the product will display on the portal.
  • Tax Table - A lookup to the available tax tables.
  • Taxable - Specifies whether the product is taxable.
  • Shippable - Specifies whether the product is shippable.
  • Publish to POS Store - Specifies whether or not the product will display in the POS Store wizard.

Description Tab

  • An optional field for an internal description of the product.

Images Tab - These fields allow you to be able to upload images for the Store Wizard and the portal

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