Meeting Registration Fees (cobalt_meetingregistrationfee)

General Tab

  • Name - The name of the registration fee. This is what attendees will see on their portal.
  • Meeting - The corresponding Meeting for this registration fee. This should be autofilled. 
  • Product - This field is a lookup to the product to set the cost of the registration fee.
  • Registration Type - The type of registration; either an attendee or companion (guest, spouse or child).

Note: There can only be one registration fee per registration type per Meeting if the registration type is a Child, Guest, or Spouse.

  • Begin Date - The day registration begins for a particular Registration Fee.
  • End Date - The day registration ends for a particular Registration Fee

To appear on the portal and in the wizard these dates must be set.

  • Form - If you would like to ask certain questions of your attendees, you can ask them in this form. For example, you can ask them to choose a dinner entree.
  • Collect Guest Names - Allows the registrant to add Guest Name. It is Yes for Attendee type but can be optional for all others.
  • Publish to Portal - A radio button that allows this Registration Fee to be available through the portal.


Description Tab

  • An optional field for an internal description of the registration fee



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