Candidate (cobalt_candidate)



  • Prefix - A title that is placed before a person's name, ex: Dr.
  • First Name - The candidate's first name.
  • Middle Name - The candidate's middle name.
  • Last Name - The candidate's last name.
  • Suffix - A title that is placed after a person's name, ex: Ph.D
  • Political Party - The candidate's political party; this is a drop down menu with multiple options. Examples include Republican or Democrat.
  • Salutation - A word or phrase of greeting before a person's name, ex: Sir.
  • Phone - The candidate's phone number.
  • Fax - The candidate's fax number.
  • E-mail - The candidate's E-mail address.
  • Website - The candidate's website address.

Address - The standard fields that make up an address

Conflicts Tab

  • Political Party - When a selection is chosen for the Political Party field under the General tab, this field will auto-populate with that same value.
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