Member Type (cobalt_membertype)


  • Name - Name of the the Member Type.
  • Type - This field determines whether the member type will be for contacts or accounts. Typically, the type will be contact.
  • NRDS Member Type - Corresponds to the NRDS member type for sending messages to NRDS about the membership.
  • Apply Member Price Level - When an update is made to an active membership, the system checks to see if the Allow Applications radio button is toggled to Yes for the membership's member type. If it is, the system will update the contact's Price List to the Member Price Level specified on the Settings Entity.
  • Order Source - This field determines the source of the Order. Note: For more details on the Order Source Functionality, click here.


  • Member Directory Type - A lookup to the member directory type record where you can set options for what diplays about this member type in the directory.
  • Display in Directory - Set Yes to show this member type in the directory. Set no to keep it out of the member directory.


  • Application Form - This lookup field allows you to link custom questions to the membership application.
  • Display on Portal - Yes if you want the appliction process for this membership type to be available on the portal. No if membership applications for this type should remain internal.
  • Require License - Setting this flag to Yes requires applicants to include their real estate license number as part of the membership application on both the portal and the membership application wizard in CRM.
  • Membership Activation - This flag controls whether or not manual intervention is required to set a membership to active. Setting this flag to Automatic (default) tells the system to automatically change a membership form pending/provisional to active once the application is completed. Manual requires staff to periodically review completed applications and manually activate the memberships.
  • Terms - This text area allows you to enter the terms and conditions that applicants must accept when completing the online membership application.


Membership Application Fees

Membership Application Requirements

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