Class (cobalt_class)


General Tab

  • Name - The name of the Class. This is what attendees will see on the portal.
  • Course - A lookup to the associated Course that this particular Class falls under.
  • Class Begin Date - The date and time that the Class will begin.
  • Class End Date - The date and time that the Class will end.
  • Staff Contact - A staff contact that can be reached surrounding the class. This field contains a lookup to users.
  • Meeting - A lookup to any associated Meetings that relate to this Class. 
  • Delivery Method - A dropdown picklist for how the Class will be taught.
  • Location - A lookup to Class Locations.

Online Registration 

  • Begin Date - The date and time that online registration will begin for the Class.
  • End Date - The date and time that online registration will end for the Class.
  • Registration Template - A lookup to email template to use during online registration for the Class.


  • Max Attendance - The maximum number of Class Registrations allowed for the Class. 
  • Current Registrations - This field will auto-populate with the number of Class Registrations currently tied to the Class.


  • Allow Waitlist - A radio button to distinguish if the Class will maintain a waitlist.
  • Current Waitlist - Displays the current number of people on the waitlist for the class.


  • Sponsoring - This is a lookup to the association sponsoring the class.
  • Hosting - This is a lookup to the association hosting the class.


  • Description - When creating a class, the course description will automatically populate into the class description. However, a staff member can change the description to be class specific or remove the description all together.

Outside Provider

  • Outside Provider - Select yes if another provider is offering or running the class.
  • Link - This field is where the staff user can specify a website to the outside provider or a website to something that may be pertinent to the class. Clicking on the More Information button on the portal will open the website specified in this field.
  • Message - In the alert box on the portal, a message will appear saying Offered by Another Provider. After that sentence, a staff member can provide more details in the alert box, if desired.

This is what the alert box would look like on the portal, if the Outside Provider field were set to Yes and a link and message were provided:



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