Committee (cobalt_committee)

General Tab

  • Name -  The name of the committee.
  • Committee Type - An optional way to categorize committees.
  • Staff Contact - Links to the user record who is responsible for the Committee
  • Publish to Portal - If the radio button is toggled to Yes, members will be able to view this committee on the portal.
  • Open - If the radio button is toggled to Yes, nominations will automatically create membership records for this committee. If set to No, a RAMCO administrator will have to approve nominations (see "Approve a Committee Nomination Record" below).
  • Description - A description of the committee that will appear on the Portal if Publish to Portal is set to Yes.
  • Mission Statement - The committee's mission statement. This will also appear on the Portal if Publish to Portal is set to Yes.

Subgrids allow you to quickly view related records. The RAMCO form includes the following subgrids.

Active Committee Memberships

Pending Nominations


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