How to Find and Update Failed Scheduled Payments

When you are running scheduled payments through RAMCO, most payments will process on the date selected without you having to take any action. There is a system job that looks at the scheduled payment details and runs on the date for any record in Pending Status. However, sometimes as you sometimes experience with single credit card payments, the payment fails. Often this is due to a change in the credit card like an Expiration date, so Ecommerce can no longer accept the card on the payment profile for the scheduled payments. You can find and update the records to allow these payments to go back to running automatically with the following steps.


The day after (or often the day of) your scheduled payment date you can run an advanced find to look for any that Failed.


The results may not look helpful at first glance. If you are going to be checking often you can Save this Find and adjust your columns to pull more information, but this is what you will see the first time.


You can click on the record which will take you to the Payment Detail where you can see the contact name.



With the name of the contact you can look up (or create another advanced find to look up) Failed Ecommerce Request Summaries. This will let you know what error message was received. Often it will be a message letting you know that there was an issue with the credit card. You may have to contact a member and/or check their payment profile to see if there is anything obvious like the expiration date on the card you have on file has passed.



So you have confirmed that the credit card was incorrect and you have the information you need to update the Payment Profile, to make sure that this also updates your scheduled payment so that it continues to run correctly, do the following.


1. Update the Payment Profile.

Go to the Contact Record of the person you are going to update.

Select the Payment Profile Wizard from the More Commands button

Correct the information and select Update Profile.

2.. Update the Status Reason for the Scheduled Payment Detail Record from Failed to Pending

You can use the advanced find or use the left hand tool bar to navigate to the scheduled payment Detail Record that Failed and that will need to rerun when you make the correction. In the Status Reason Field change it from Failed to Pending. This will allow the system to rerun the payment the same day (usually the next hour) of your update. 

3. Repeat these steps for any additional records that need to be updated


**Note, there is a current issue with the system that if you try to have members log in to the portal to correct their payment profile ID, it will not update the scheduled payment details correctly. So until this note is removed the best way to update is through the Payment Profile Wizard in RAMCO. 

Confirm that the payments went through. 

Later in the day (give the job at least an hour to run, but it can take longer depending on how many payments you are running at that time) run your advanced find again and if the payment went through after your corrections then it won't appear in your list. As long as the credit card remains valid, future scheduled payments for that person should run without any action on your part. 

If the payment still hasn't run and the error messages appear to be the same and you followed all the steps in the order above, contact support and we'll be happy to take a look.









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