Ad-Hoc Payment Wizard

This article will give some basic information about running the Ad-Hoc Wizard. This article assumes you have created a field to identify people who want to be auto charged through th Ad-Hoc process and that you have created a view to display them. If you have not done either please complete those steps first before attempting the steps below.

1. Navigate to Sales and Accounting > Orders. Run the Ad Hoc Charge Wizard from the tool bar.

2. In the first drop-down, select the view you created to show the orders that should be paid.

3. In the second drop down you can specify an amount or leave blank if the whole order should be paid with this transaction. Click Continue

4. The system will check the Contact on all those Orders to make sure they have an active payment profile.

If everything looks correct click Submit. If it doesn't you will need to click close and adjust your View settings or correct any missing or inaccurate information in the system.

5. Go to Sales & Accounting-->Bulk Profile Charges. Here you'll see the record created to store all the payments generated by this process.

6. Open the Record you created and navigate to Charge Items to check the status of individual payments.

Some charges may fail, and those are the ones to follow-up with and confirm their card info. *Note that a 0.00 order is part of our testing and should not usually be in the wizard, but if it is failure to process a 0.00 order does not mean an issue with the card, but that there was nothing to charge.

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