Price Lists not Updating

Scenario: You are setting up a new meeting/class and members are only seeing the non-member price.

This can happen if the member falls under the non-member price list, which determines which price list items are available to them. You can check which price list they fall under by navigating to their contact record and viewing their price list field, under the Personal tab.

Changing the Price List

Once you have confirmed what the price list is on the contact record, you may try to change it, but notice that every time you change it, it reverts back. This is because the value of that field is determined by a query found on the price list evaluation record. You can locate these by going to Settings > Product Catalog > Price Lists



Open up the price list record in question, then click Price List Evaluations and open up the existing record there or create one if it does not exist. Once you are in the Price List Evaluation record, you can set the query to whomever you want to fall under this price list. So for instance, I click View Query in the Member Price List, and set my Query to be any active member with my organization.

However, when you go back to the contact record you checked earlier, they still reflect the non-member price list. This is because no changes has been made to their record, so the system hasn't had a need to re-evaluate their price list. If you make a change to their contact record, say updating the suffix field, then saving, the system should re-evaluate their price list based on the criteria you made for your new query and change it if they match that criteria.

If you have a number of records who need to be updated and you can't go to each one individually and trigger a re-evaluation, please contact support and we can run a script to trigger a system-wide re-evalation to update the price lists on your contact records.

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