Payment Error: You are not a member in Active, Provisional or Suspended Status

When a RAMCO org is set up an initially configured, the association provides a Default Member ID that CRM uses in all transactions that don't already have an existing NRDS ID (such as a non-member, an inactive member,  or someone with a membership that is not recognized by NRDS like MLS or Key). This error is thrown when that Default Member ID is no longer in Active, Provisional or Suspended Status. It will continue to be a problem for every payment associated with a contact that does not have a NRDS ID.

How to correct this problem?

1.  Within CRM, navigate to the Settings > Setup > Settings

2. Select your associations's settings entity and open it.

3. Scroll down to the NRDS & NAR E-Commerce section and locate the field labeled 'Default Member ID.'

4. Update the field to the new NRDS ID (this field is typically an association executive's NRDS ID but any staff member will do).

5. Click "Save"

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