Paid the wrong member's order? Steps on how to transfer a Payment from one member's Order to another's without refunding.


If you've paid the wrong member's order, the steps outlined below will walk you through how to transfer the payment from one member's order to another's without refunding.


1. Unapply the Payment by going to the Payment record and opening the Payment Wizard

2. In the list of options to select Unapply Some or All of the Payment

3. Go through the wizard steps (cancel the invoice if it is necessary)

4. Once completed, close the wizard.

Now you have two options.

1. On the Payment record change the contact look up to be the new contact. (This will move the payment record to their contact). Then use the Payment wizard to apply the funds to the correct order.

2. Keep the Payment on the original contact but use the Order Number to look up the correct order in the payment wizard and apply the payment to the correct order.


Behind the scenes, this is what happens:

  • The incorrectly fulfilled Order becomes Active again. 
  • The incorrect Invoice gets Cancelled (if you select that option). 
  • GL Account Entries are reversed. 
  • Member Financial records in NRDS for the incorrect member are corrected by sending a Member Financial of a negative amount. 
  • When the Payment is applied to the correct member, the Invoice is Paid, and the Order Fulfilled.
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