Paying for Orders on Multiple Contact Records


One member wants to pay for orders that are not linked to his/her contact record, and the order is not part of a group registration or a DR paying agent dues on the portal, or an account paying for member dues. (These kind of payments can be done through wizards/processes already part of the system). These are steps for paying orders on contact records that are not linked. For example, a married couple where one spouse wants to pay for both orders, but neither spouse is the DR of the office. 



1. Open the contact record for the person who's order is to be paid.

2. Click on the Process Payment Wizard in the More Commands button.

3. Select the order to be paid and process the payment with the credit card information provided to you.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all orders the person wants to pay for others.

* The system does not have any validation on what card pays for what orders so you can use any card to pay for any order as long as it is a valid card and the information you type into the credit card fields is accurate.



1. Open the contact record of the a person who's order is going to be paid

2. Navigate to Orders

3. Open the order that you are going to pay.

4. Copy the Order ID#

5. If doing multiple orders paste this ID into a Notepad, Word or other document where you can retrieve it. Repeat steps 1-5 to collect all Order IDs.

6. Open the contact record for the person wishing to make payment. 

7. Open the Process Payment Wizard

8. Select a Payment type.

9. Paste the order Number(s) into the Search field at the top of the wizard.

10. Click search. 

11. Click the Pay Now link in the right side of the order record to move it to your list of payable orders.

12. Put a new order number (if applicable) into the search bar and click Pay Now to keep adding them to the list.

13. Check the box for all orders you wish to pay.

14. Click continue

15. Fill in the card information and submit.

16. Payment will be applied to all orders you selected in the wizard, but the payment record will only be on the contact record of the person making the payment much as it is for group registrations and DR/Account paid dues orders.

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