Why Was My NRDS ID (Or my AE's) used in the ACH Report for a Member's Payment?

In RAMCO, there is a setting where you can specify a default NRDS ID in your system. Most orgs use their AE's NRDS ID, or a User's NRDS ID. To request a change to the default NRDS ID, please contact RAMCO support.

Below are the scenarios where the default member id is used in the Ecommerce transcations.

Scenario 1: The Contact does not have a NRDS ID set (in CRM).

Scenario 2: The member is not affiliated with your organization in NRDS so the system does not get a response back from NRDS stating that the member is active in NRDS. Because of this, the default member id is used.

Scenario 3: For whatever reason (most likely network connectivity issue on the CRM server or at NAR's servers), attempting to get the member status from NRDS for a member does not return any message whatsoever.

If scenario 1 and 2 are not applicable, you will need to work directly with NRDS EC to correct the transactions where the default member id was used but should not have been.

The e-mail for NRDS EC Support is

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