How to: Reactivate Past Member and Charge Dues

Reactivating Past Member and Charging Dues

  1. Find their Contact record and open it
  2. Go to the Related Memberships on the left-hand side
  3. Open the Membership that will be reactivated, then use the "Activate" button in the toolbar. If the member should go directly to "Active" instead of "Pending", update their Status Reason field on the Membership. Save the Membership, but do not close it. 
  4. Go to the Related Dues Items on the left-hand side of the Membership.
  5. Create a New Dues Item. Attach the Dues Option that should be used. Remember that the dues option contains the line items a person should pay, so be sure to pick the option that corresponds to the member (DR, agent, transfer, etc). Set the Pricing Strategy Date to determine the date used for proration, and fill in the other required information. 
  6. Save the Dues Item. That will create the Order with prorated dues. 
  7. Pay the Order using the Process Payment Wizard on the Contact record.

 There is also a video of Mike Cutlip providing an example and walking through the process step-by-step.

Source: Mike Cutlip, RAMCO 

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