How to Create/Waive Membership Application Fees

If you wish to create a membership application for a contact without charging them a membership application fee, this article will highlight the steps needed in order to do so. It will also touch on how to waive a fee that is already set up. (Note: You can also use this article to create a non-zero dollar application fee as well). 


Scenario 1: Creating an Application Fee

In order for the Membership Application Wizard to work, we have to have an application fee. The steps below will guide you through the process of creating an application fee from scratch. (Note: If you don’t want to charge a member for applying, you can create a fee of $0, which will allow you to complete the wizard and not charge the contact.)



1)     Open up the page to a Membership Application fee entity


2)     Under Dues Option, click the find option and then click “New”






3)     In the form, fill in the necessary fields. Make sure to have Default and Publish to Portal set to “No”. When you select the dues schedule to apply the fee to, you will get a prompt that asks you if you want to update the duration. Hit yes, and those fields will automatically populate to match your cycle.



4)     Next, click dues product and then “Add New Dues Product”. Once you are in that form, create a new product by clicking the find button and new once again. Fill in the necessary fields.


5)     Next, click Price List Items on the left-hand side of the product record and hit “Add a New Price List Item” in the top left corner. Fill in the required fields, making sure to set the price list to “Member” and Quantity Selling Control to “No Control”. Set the Amount field to $0.00 (Or whatever price you would like) and hit save and close. This can be done for pre-existing price list items as well, such as member and non-member.


6)     Back in the product record, click Product GL Account on the left-hand side towards the bottom. Create a new product gl account.



Scenario 2: Waiving an Existing Application Fee

If you want to manually waive an application fee for a contact, simply go into the order record for the application after the application has been submitted, then open the order product. Once you are in the order product record associated with the application fee, enter $0.00 into the Price per Unit, making sure that the Override Price option is selected above. Save and close and the previous fee should now be waived. 

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