Office Transfers

A member's office information is located in a few different places and while you can manually update all the records and then check NRDS to make sure everything went through, there is a way to do everything at once through the Office Transfer record which is connected to the membership record.

1. Navigate to the Membership record for the person you want to do the transfer for.

2. In the left side toolbar select Office Transfers

3. In the top ribbon toolbar select Add new Office Transfer

4. Complete all the information you can to avoid possible errors. 


*Order should be completed if you charge for Office Transfers. The order can be generated and linked in the order field. If there is no charge then this field can be left blank.

 *Designated REALTOR should be the name of the DR for the new office.

5. Click Run Workflow and select Approve Office Transfer

6. In the pop up window select Ok.

The Office Transfer record should update to Status Inactive and Status reason Approved.

The office on the membership record and the contact record will update to the new office.

The employee count on the new office will go up by one and the employee count on the old office will go down by one.

A message will go up to NRDS to change the office on the membership record. 

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