Payment Error/Server Error: Object Reference Not Set When Member tries to Pay Dues


Customer receives and error message when trying to pay for a dues order. The error message is also seen on the process payment wizard. 




Usually we see this error when something on the membership record does not match the dues schedule and/or the dues schedule query for the dues option on the dues item. 

Frequently this occurs after an organization has deactivated memberships as many schedule queries are set up to require an active membership (which is good when you first generate dues) but once the membership is deactivated, the member no longer fits the query and is not eligible to pay.

Another frequent case is that the subclass on the membership has been changed and that subclass is not included on the schedule query.



1. Open the Membership Record

2. On the left-hand navigation, click on Dues Items.

3. Open the Dues Item.

4. Click on the link to the Dues Option.


5. Click on the Dues Schedule


6. On the dues schedule record click View Query in the top ribbon toolbar

7. You can view results and see if the member you are looking for shows up. 

8. If they do not, then go back to the query and compare the criteria to the membership.

9. Adjust the membership record or the query to make them match.

10. Once they do the member should be able to pay for the order.

11. If the membership and the query match, contact support. We'll do a deeper investigation to find a cause for the error.





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