Payment: Member Paid One Installment and then Decided They Did Not Want to Make a Contribution


Member paying on a payment plan paid one or more installments of their plan, and then they decided they did not want to make a contribution



Part One - Update the Order

  1. Open the Contact and go to their list of Payments
  2. Unapply the Payment(s) from the Invoice
  3. Open the Order, then go to the related Dues Item. 
  4. Open the Dues Item and adjust the Dues Order Product for the contribution. Set the price to $0 and set "Overridden = Yes". Save and close the Dues Order Product. Now update the Pricing Strategy Date to force a recalculation of the Order. This part is shown in this video
  5. Now reapply the Payment to the Order.


Part Two - Update a future payment

  1. While on the Contact, look in the related navigation for the Scheduled Payments
  2. Open their Scheduled Payment and go to the Scheduled Payment Detail records on the left-hand navigation. These are the records that determine when, and how much, someone will be charged in the future. Just open one of these records and reduce the amount by whatever RPAC costs. 


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