Removing/Editing Dues Products from Orders that Are Associated with Dues Items


Users would like to  to remove or edit a product from an order that is associated with a dues item. However, when they go to the order, they get a message saying that they cannot edit the order.



Customers can remove RPAC products from within the Process Payment Wizards and portal. For other products, simply follow the directions below:

1. Open the order you want to change and select Dues Items from the left hand tool bar.

2. Open the Dues Item and select Dues Order Products from the left hand tool bar.

3. Open the product record you wish to edit (you can edit any product on the dues item)


4. Update the price to the desired amount. 0.00 if you wish to remove the product from the order.

5. Update the Overridden flag to "Yes" (if RPAC also select Opt Out "Yes" if setting to 0.00)

6. Save and Close

7. Click "General" at the top tab, under Information.

8. Recalculate the Dues Item using the Recalculate button in the top Ribbon tool bar.


9. Go to the order and select recalculate in the top ribbon tool bar.

10. You should see the correct total in the order and you can now apply payment through the process payment wizard or the apply payment wizard. 


Note: Any new member applications completed through the membership application wizard will be able to be edited through order products as no dues item is created through the membership application process.

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    Chad Hrdina

    Those are the steps I have used in the past.  When I attempt to make my modifications the price per unit field along with others are not editable.  They are grayed-out.

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