Create a Dues Order/Item after Dues are Generated

ISSUE: Member doesn't have a dues order

You need to create a dues order for a member, but have already generated dues. Manually creating an order will take a lot of time and without a dues item none of the reports that give information about dues orders will include it. 

SOLUTION: Create a Dues Item

Following the steps below is the fastest way to generate an accurate dues item and order for a member. This will make sure that all the processes and reports you expect to work for the dues you generated will also work for this manually created dues order. 


1. Navigate to the Membership that the person will owe dues for. Contact > Membership.

2. Click on Dues Items in the left side toolbar.

3. Click Add New Dues Item in the top ribbon toolbar. 



4. Fill in Dues Cycle and Dues Option. The system will ask if you want to update the duration, click ok and the dates and duration type will automatically fill in.



5. While not required the field for Billing Year should be filled in if you want that information on member financials.

6. While not required, you will want to fill in the Pricing Strategy Date (if it did not automatically populate from the Join Date on the membership record) if you have prorated dues products. The Pricing Strategy Date is what tells the system what date to use for the prorated charges. 

7. Click Save and you will see that the system generates an order and provides the link in the Order field.



Extra steps for Payment Plan Dues Items

If you are creating a payment plan dues item, you will notice that the scheduled payments are not created yet. The steps above are the same, but there are some additional steps to fully activate a payment plan.

1. Open the order in the payment wizard or on the portal. 

2. Click Pay now.

3. The system will then give you the option to either pay in full or pay in installments. The number of installments will vary depending on when the person signs up and the payment plan schedule. Click the installments option.

4. Submit the credit card information. The system will process the first payment and create the scheduled payments on the order to charge the credit card on the schedule. 



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