Finding Errors in Dues Batch Generation

When running Dues Generations, errors in individual records may cause a failure for a batch. It may only be one record that failed, and all the other memberships will have their Dues Items created. To find the records that need to be individually corrected, you can go to the Process Logs for the batches and they'll be listed there.

  • Do an advanced find for "Dues Generation Batches" with a "Status Reason" of "Failed".
  • Select the batch you're interested in.and click on "Activities"

  • Open the Process log shown and look for any failures in its "Notes"

  • Now that you know what record(s) failed, you can manually create the dues item and see if we can sort out if there was a reason it didn't generate the first time. 

Note: A missing join date is often the culprit, but another issue is trying to run multiple batches at once and so it times out on a few. In those cases you can rerun the batch without creating duplicates.

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    Julie Sartor

    In the Advance find what do I use for the look for to start off the find, thanks


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