How to Merge Records in CRM

1. Search for the contacts you want to merge in the quick search box.

Before you merge records, make sure they don not have identical Portal Usernames. If they do, add a character to the record that will be deactivated to change it. If you do not, you will get a cannot save error because the usernames are not unique.

2. Select the records you want to merge

You cannot merge more than two records at a time so if there are more than two you will need to do the first two and then the next until all records are merged into one.

3. Select the Merge button which will be located in the toolbar or under the More Commands button

A popup window will appear with information from both records.

If you would like ALL information from one record to be the authority, simply click on the radio button next to the record at the top where it says Master Record

If you would like some information from both records, simply click on the radio buttons of the fields you would like to be merged.

Note: there is a toggle for updating fields not included at the bottom of this page. Select to include missing fields data on Merge.

4. Once you are done choosing the fields, click OK. A popup should appear saying that the records are merging.

5. Once the records are done merging, another popup should appear saying the records have merged. Click Ok.

6. After you merge records, you may have duplicate Memberships, as any existing memberships will be passed to the remaining record.

  • Check Memberships after merging
    • Keep the record with Dues Items (if any)
    • Delete the duplicate memberships (otherwise it might update NRDS)
      • DO NOT USE BULK DELETE as this does not work off the view, but off a query and will delete other records.
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