The current Meeting Registration Summary Report Template does not use Report Texts to add details to it because it predates their addition to reports. To add a logo to the report, add a note to the organization’s settings entity (at the bottom) as though it were a Report Text. The logo must be no larger than 150 x 100 PX. 

Note: to view this text with screenshots, open the attached PDF.


To add the logo to the Meeting Registration Summary:

  1. Create a logo no larger than 150 pixels wide by 95 pixels tall. Format can be JPG, PNG, or GIF.
  2. Go to the organization’s settings entity in CRM and scroll down to the bottom where it says “Notes.”
  3. Click on Enter a note and upload the file you created.MEETING REGISTRATION SUMMARY LOGO ISSUES
  4. Select Attach, then Close.
  5. Reopen the note and change the note Title from File Attachment to Logo.
  6. Save and Close
  7. The logo will now display correctly on both the screen view and the printed or exported (PDF) view of the report.
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