Resolving Error Message when Inactive Members pay dues via the portal

ISSUE:  When an inactive member attempts to pay dues via the portal and sees this Error Message.Error_Message_1.png

CAUSE: Person's membership status does not match the dues cycle/dues schedule queries anymore.


You will need to check the queries assigned to the product.

1. Go to the Membership

2. Select Dues Cycles

3. Select the dues product that the inactive member is trying to pay

4. Click Master Query in the ribbon tool bar.

5. Check to see if access is limited to Active Status



One or both (depending on what is there) of these selections need to be removed so that both inactive and active members can pay the dues.

1. Click on the arrow next to the record you want to delete.

2. Select Delete from the menu.


These steps should allow any contact to pay dues through the portal for that particular dues cycle. These steps may need to be followed on other dues cycles. 


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