General Tab

  • PAC - A lookup to the PAC associated with the contribution.
  • Amount - This field specifies the Amount donated.
  • Contact - Lookup field to an existing contact or where a new contact can be created.
  • Fund - Lookup field to an existing fund or where a new fund can be created.
  • Source - Option set for the method of field creation
    • Manual Entry - Created either by staff or through the Contribution Wizard
    • Dues Billing - Created as part of a dues Renewal
    • Import (External Source) - Created as part of an import that is not the Contribution Wizard
  • Contribution Number - This field should auto-populate with an ID once the record is saved for the first time.
  • Date Paid - The date the contribution order was fulfilled.
  • Al 360 Receipt - A link to the receipt record generated for the contribuiton.
  • PAC Cycle - A look up to the PAC cycle associated with the contribution.
  • Contribution Type - Option set for the type of contribution
    • Individual - the contribution came from an individual contact
    • Corporate - the contribution came from a business/account
  • Account - Lookup field to an existing account or where a new account can be created.
  • Fund Type - Option Set to show Hard Fund or Soft Fund.
  • Soft Contribution - A look up to a "pledge"
  • Order - This field should auto-populate with a new order once the record is saved for the first time.
  • Association - A lookup to your association (or for multi-boards the association claiming the contribution)


  • Max Allowed (Base) - The maximum amount allowed for contributions of this type.
  • Total Contributions - A field that shows the amount of contributions credited to this person/account.
  • Remaining - The amount the person/account could still contribute.



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