Processing a Payment


  1. Locate the Contact whose outstanding balance is to be paid off. 
  2. Open the Contact record and select the More Commands button, then in the drop down select Process Payment.
  3. The Process Payment wizard will open as a new window. On this first page of the wizard, the user has the selection to pay against one or multiple orders. Select the order(s) to be paid and method under the Payment Type dropdown menu (Check, Credit Card or Cash). Click Continue. 
  4. Depending on which payment type is selected, the following page will request different information:
    • Check: Amount, Check Number, Check Date, Date Recieved, Account Holder and Memo
    • Credit Card: Card Type, Card Number, Expiration Date, Security Code, First Name, Last Name, Billing Address and Payment Amount
    • Cash: N/A
  5. The next page is an order details grid followed by a payment detail grid. This is an overall summary of the payments being made against particular orders. If all looks correct, push the Submit button, if not cancel the payment or click the back button to select a different payment type.
  6. The final page of the Process Payment wizard is confirmation of payment. There is also a button for a printable receipt that can be handed to the customer if they are paying by cash or check on the spot. 
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