Manually Setting Up and Editing General Ledger Accounts

General Ledger (General Ledger) Accounts, generally, are accounts or records used to sort and store balance sheet and income statement transactions. RAMCO accounting functionality offers the ability to create default GL accounts to track transactions and the highest level as well as the ability to create product-specific GL accounts that can provide more granularity in accounting reporting. GL accounts can also be added manually and modified as needed through RAMCO CRM. This article will walk through the steps to set up and modify GL accounts.

For more details on General Ledger Accounts, including field descriptions, click here.

Manual General Ledger Account Creation

  1. Navigate to Sales & Accounting < Accounting < GL Accounts
  2. In the tool bar, click New
  3. Enter the required fields. This will include the Name and the Account Type.
  4. Enter any other fields desired.
  5. Click the Save or Save & Close button.

*Unless you plan to make the new GL Account the default for the account type then you can leave the bottom fields alone. If you do plan to make it the default set the proper account type to Yes and then make sure you open the prior default and switch that to no. You can only have one default per account type.

Manual General Ledger Account Editing

GL accounts can be manually edited through the RAMCO CRM.

  1. Navigate to Sales & Accounting > Accounting > GL Accounts.
  2. Select the desired GL account and either click on the underlined name of the account or select the checkbox and click Edit.
  3. Make the necessary changes to the GL account.
  4. Click the Save or Save & Close button.

*Note: RAMCO accounting functionality automatically creates GL account entries if and only if an invoice for an order is generated. The difference between invoices and orders are outlined in detail here

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