Create a Payment Record

Create a Payment Record

While it doesn't happen often we sometimes find that Ecommerce has accepted a payment and the message has not been fully transmitted or processed in RAMCO. So your member has money debited from their card and you have the payment in your ACH report, but RAMCO still shows an open order and no payments to apply to it. There can be a variety of causes and if it is for more than one record on the rare occasion it is still a good idea to contact support to make sure everything is going smoothly, but you can get the payment created and applied to the order in your CRM.

All you need is the total amount of the payment and the EC control # before starting the steps below.

1. Open the Contact Record and navigate to Payments.

2. In the tool bar you will click on +Add New Payment.

3. Fill in the correct amount for the payment and the payment type should be Credit Card.

4. Fill in any number for the Credit Card (it doesn't have to be the actual number)

5. Fill in any future month/year for the expiration date (MM/YYYY)

6. Select a Credit Card Type (again it doesn't matter what you choose)

7. In the field Trans ID (EC Control) put the EC control number from your ACH report or from the EC request summary. This field must have the correct EC Control Number.

8. Save 

9. Apply payment to order using the Payment wizard. 
 ****If you need to create a payment record for a check or cash payment simply select the correct payment type and fill in the check required information for those payment types. Otherwise the process is the same as for credit cards. 


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