Payment Error: Invalid Credit Card Type

This error comes from ecommerce and can have a couple known causes. Review the possible issues and resolutions below. If they don't resolve the error contact support as this message is generic enough that it can be applied to scenarios we are not currently aware of.

ISSUE 1: The credit card type doesn't match the entered information.

ISSUE 1: The credit card type doesn't match the entered information.

If you select Visa as you credit card type but enter in a Master Card number you may see this error. Check to make sure the credit card information you have is correct and try again.

ISSUE 2: You are trying to use a card that is not the default card to pay for a dues payment plan.

In order to do a payment plan you must use the stored credit card, since ecommerce cannot accept partial payments for dues. By using a stored credit card ecommerce is able to process the initial payment and store the additional payments to trick it into seeing it as "full payment" though the charges will occur in the future.

If you try to use a different card, ecommerce will see this as an invalid credit card type.

You can only have one stored/default credit card in the system, so if a customer wants to use a new card for dues payment plan you will need to update the payment profile to the new card in order for the transaction to succeed.

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