Class Registration Wizard

Registration through the Class Registration Wizard

  1. Navigate to Contacts. Locate the Contact that is registering for a Class and open their Contact Record.
  2. In the ribbon bar click the Class Registration button.
  3. The Class Registration Wizard will open in a new window and the first step is to locate the Class by Course. Use the dropdown list to select which Course the Class falls under as well as (optional) if their is a particular Start Date or End Date desired. Click the Search button.
  4. The Class Search criteria will remain at the top of the wizard and the search results, as Available Classes, will return under that. Click the desired Class.
  5. Another window containing a summary of the Class will open. Click the Register Now button in the bottom right corner.
  6. An Order Summary page will then appear with options to close the Wizard or pay by Cash, Check or Credit Card. Select the desired method and complete the wizard.
  7. The Contact now has an active Class Registration.
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