How to Charge 2 Fees With Membership Application

For associations that charge State and Local membership fees when a membership is created, here's how to avoid having to make the member pay the fee twice.

Here's the workaround for attaching multiple new member application fees to a single new-member Order.

The way this would be done is with an additional Dues Option.

Typically you would have a Dues Option set up that contains the products a renewing Realtor® member would pay.

That would not, of course, contain a state application fee because this Option is for renewing members.

You can create an additional Dues Option called something like "New Members with State Application fee" and fill it in with the products for local, state, PAC, national AND a state processing fee.

Be sure the Option is NOT the default option.

The last thing would be to return to the Realtor® member type, open the Application Fees for the Realtor® member type, and attach that new Dues Option to the application fee. This means that anyone applying would pay your one-time fee, plus all the line items in that new Dues Option (which happens to include the state fee, as well).


Source: RAMCO Mike Cutlip

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