Registering Guests, Explained

Registering Guests Explained

When you go to set up a meeting, you will notice that under your registration type for the fee, you have attendees and guests. 

Meetings in RAMCO can have group registration based around multiple "attendees" or attendees and their "guests".

An attendee will need a Contact record in the system, but someone can create that as they register for the meeting. The benefit here is that you're building history on people; because they have a Contact record you'll be able to search for them next year when you have the same type of meeting. If you set a meeting to "Allow Group Registration=Yes" then people will be able to register other people, as attendees, when they register themselves. 

A guest registration is just a transient record that really only exists as part of that meeting. The idea behind Guest registrations is that they are useful for spouses and children who you won't need to market to in the future. 

In the meeting registration wizard, as well as on the portal if you’ve chosen to allow members to sign up for meetings there, attendees can opt to bring guests if you’ve created a guest registration fee. This article is intended to give an overview of registering guests for a meeting.


1)      In the meeting record, go to registration fees on the side, then add a new meeting registration fee


2)      In the new meeting registration fee, set the name to what you want, for example, Guest Registration Fee, to keep things simple. Under registration type picklist, select Guest.


3) In the registration fee field, you’ll need to attach a product. Click the lookup icon, then select new to create your new fee if you don't have one already. Fill out the necessary fields on the product, then click price lists on the left-hand side.

4) From here, you’re going to create the price list items for member and non-members who are registering guests. So for instance, non-members that are bringing guests, the guest registration fee will be $15, and the guest registration fee for members will be $10.

For more info on setting up products/price list items, refer to this article:

*Note*-If you use the same product for your guest registration fee as your attendee fee (or member/nonmember), the guest fee will use the same price list item as the person registering them to determine the cost. So if you have a $30 member price list item for your attendee product, the guest fee will also be $30.



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