Exporting to a Dynamic worksheet or Pivot Table

Most of the time users export "static worksheets" from CRM, which download the information in your advanced find view to Excel and nothing more. 

Dynamic worksheets and Pivot Tables download the information as well, but they allow you to "refresh" your spreadsheet later and get updated information from the CRM. That's good if you want to keep up to date on something without having to go online, but if you want something you can refer back to later to see what the data said when you originally downloaded it, Dynamic spreadsheets are the wrong choice, as the data will change with whatever is in CRM.

Assuming that's what you want, here's how to get it.

Full Video screencast: 

  1. Select the Advanced Find view you want and view your results.
  2. Click on the Export icon in the ribbon bar
  3. Select Dynamic worksheet (or PivotTable) and click on Export
  4. Select "Save" rather than "Open" and after the spreadsheet ahs downloaded, open it from the folder it's in.
  5. Enable "editing" and "content" 
  6. Don't worry about the Username and Password blanks on the spreadsheet, they'll go away after the next step
  7. Click on "Connections" in teh top ribbon, and select "Properties" from the pop up box
  8. Select the "Definitions" tab, and click on "Edit Query"
  9. Enter the Username and Password you use to log onto your RAMCO CRM with and scroll down to see "Login" if it's hidden.
  10. Click on Login. An error message will pop up with an x in a red dot. Click OK and then select "Cancel" in the pop up box underneath.
    Do not select "Import" (the spreadsheet already has an import query on it, and won't use this)
  11. Close both dialog boxes to return to the spreadsheet
  12. Select "Refresh All" from the ribbon bar at the top of the spreadsheet
  13. Your data should now be visible. You can get fresh data anytime by clicking on "Refresh all".


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