Default View and Default Forms

Dynamics CRM allows you to have multiple views and forms for both default and custom entities. You may find that there are instance where you're navigating to a particular area of the system (i.e. Workplace > Contacts --or-- Membership > Membership) and the view either defaults to "My Active Contacts" or "Active Memberships", when you would rather have the view default to just "Active Contacts" or "Active Primary and Secondary Memberships".  Other articles address creating views and forms, but here we will focus on setting the default so that you can quickly see the information you want.

Set a Default Form

1. Navigate to a record for the entity.

2. Select the Form you wish to view.

3. Until you change the form in the drop down all records will open with this form.

*System administrators can set a default form that will appear the first time you look at a record for an entity, but you can easily change this by adjusting the form in the drop down.


Set a Default View

1. Navigate to the entity and click on the view list.

2. Select the view you wish to be your default (this can be a system or personal view).

3. Click the Pin icon to the left of the view.

Now when you go to review that entity the view you pinned as your default will appear first. You can still switch to other views, but the pinned one will be the first you see.



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