Search for additional fields in your Quick Find


Users want to search for a specific field that may or may not appear on the search results. For example searching for payments by EC control number or searching for members by a custom member ID.


1. Navigate to the Settings > Customizations

2. Click Customize the System.

3. Click the arrow next to Entities in order expand the list to show all system entities.


4. Scroll through the list until you find the entity you want to customize the view for and click the arrow next to that entity to expand the list. 


5. Click Views and open the Quick Find View record

6. The screen will show what columns are set to display (view) in this View.  In the right hand column you want to select Add Find Columns



7. You will see any fields that you can currently use to search in this entity are already checked, so to add a field to be available for search you simple check the box or boxes for those fields and click ok. ***Having too many search fields can slow down the performance of the searches try to limit this to the fields you really want to use for searching for people.


8. Save and Close once you are finished

9. Click Publish on the customizations screen (top of screen) to make your changes effective.

10. Go to the entity and try searching with the new information.


****Other changes you can make from this place. Note that changes are made for the whole organization so it is good to check with others before rearranging how results are displayed.

  • Add View Columns - while this is already covered in another article with another method you can do the same process here.
  • Configure Sorting - You can adjust how results are sorted. 
  • Edit Filter Criteria - Just like an Advanced Find, you can filter what comes through in the results. 
  • View Properties - Add a description
  • Change Properties - Select a field in the display and click this to adjust how this fields is seen in your results (column width, text size etc)
  • Remove - Removes the View---NOT RECOMMENDED! 




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