Importing Custom Reports from RDL File

Here are the steps for importing a report RDL file when adding new reports into RAMCO

If your association has requested and been given a custom report, this report will be delivered as a RDL file. To import this field and make it available to users, here is the process.

    1. If your report requires a Report Template:
      1. Go to Settings\Report Templates
      2. Create a Report Template and name it the same as the RDL file. 
      3. If your report is based on an existing report, use the original to get the Regarding entity settings for your template
      4. Add any needed Report Texts, (Header, First Page Header, Footer) Save and Exit.
    2. Go to Reports in the Workplace
    3. If you created a Report Template, that process will have created a Report for you. Select it.
      1. If you did not need a Report Template, then create a new report.
    4. In the "Report Type" drop-down, change the value to "Existing File". 
    5. Use the Browse button to find the file on your computer. 
    6. Upload the file. It will fill in the report name field
    7. You can change the name of the report if you want
    8. Set the the Related Record for the report so it will show up in the Reports menu for that record type. 
      For example, Contacts.
    9. Select where the report is viewable (form/entity/reports area)

    10. Save & Close the report to create it in your system.
    11. Select a record of the type you selected in Related Record.
    12. Run the imported report.


  1. If you did not create a Report Template before creating the Report, you can run the "Generate Report Template" on the organization's settings (Settings\Settings\organization name).
  2. If the report is specified in the organisation's settings (example:  Class Completion) you'll need to set it in the organization settings.See Screenshot:

Source: RAMCO

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    I have tried this with a RDL file that Mike has posted on the community. The report is called Test - Agent Roster by Office. But when I try to run the report it's all code (see attached). What am I doing wrong? I did notice when I save the RDL file it changes it to an xml file. I see no way to save it as an RDL file. Is that the issue? Or am I missing something? Please advise. Thanks.

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